The Evergreen Cottage House Plan by Lake & Land Studio for Southern Living!

Evergreen Cottage (SL 2003) House Plan by Lake and Land Studio for Southern Living

This is the Evergreen Cottage (SL 2003) by Lake & Land Studio created for Southern Living. This plan is 1,921 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms – Charming, isn’t it? This house has so many wonderful features, as well as different exterior looks. It’s so smart for Lake & Land to show different ideas for the exterior. I love the white, but I also love this green with the hurricane shutters and the metal roof!

Update: I was reading my Southern Living magazine (September 2019) this afternoon and when I flipped the page, there it was! This house plan! It’s a beauty!

Evergreen Cottage House Plan (SL2003) by Lake and Land Studio

I like how Lake and Land created a plan where you don’t see straight through to the living area from the front door –  With this plan, the visitor looks down the entryway hall into the kitchen/dining area, but not the living area! I think that’s nice. We have an older house and it is not an open concept plan, yet at times is too open for me. Luckily we have a swing door in our kitchen, which I can swing closed and be cut off from the front of the house. I LOVE that!

Evergreen Cottage House Plan (SL 2003) by Lake and Land Studio

The upstairs is fabulous with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a bunk hall. The bunk hall could also be used for many other things, like a small office, etc. If you have children or grandchildren, that could become a favorite room to sleep in (especially for the younger children!) Even for the older kids if the bunks are set up cool – What fun! Oh! The options!!

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Catch you back here tomorrow!

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