Morning Walk – Charleston, SC

Morning Walk – Flowers | Charleston, SC

We were on a morning walk in a nearby neighborhood and happened upon the prettiest flowers spilling over a fence. The light was hitting them so beautifully. How could I not stop to take a quick photo? Fred is patient – I know I frustrate him at times because, well, we’re supposed to be walking not photo shooting, but… sometimes (ok, maybe EVERY time) I run across things that deserve to be shared!

If we don’t delight in the small things – I’m afraid we will never be happy. I’m not going to wait until I have XYZ (whatever it is that’s big and desired) –

It’s not about the destination, remember, it’s about how you get there and the people you meet and the things you see on the way. 

We’re all busy. So busy. Always. Remember back to the days when things were less busy? It seems as if it was before all these devices came about (you know, the devices designed to save us time and make things more convenient). I’m making a conscious effort to swipe less and read more… #readmorebooks  Your brain will thank you!

Get out, take a walk, and really look around you – we have so much to be grateful for. Catch you back here tomorrow!





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