Featured Artist: Cynthia Rosen!

Along the Rocky Shore by Cynthia Rosen 18×24″ Oil

I’m letting you in on a special opportunity to own a piece by Cynthia Rosen. She’s having a studio sale – beautiful paintings! I featured Cynthia years ago, so it was high time for a re-feature – and this is the perfect time!

I think Cynthia’s style is amazing. So many wonderful paintings. Be sure to check her Facebook page (link below) for the sale pieces – each painting will be marked if it’s sold. If it’s not sold, it could be yours! #dreamsdocometrue

If you would like to read more about Cynthia here are two great articles! Featured Art Work by Cynthia Rosen and another article from several months prior. Both written by Fine Art Connoisseur!

See more of Cynthia’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Blog  | Workshops


From a background making non-objective art in NYC to a move to Vermont, the tides changed and a passion for “plein air” (painting outside) took hold.  This love of the outdoors is additionally translating into larger studio works as well.

Painting in the field to limitless color, ever changing light, and the sound of a spinning world engages and challenges both perceptions and expression.  No sooner do I embark on one path when the road turns introducing new sights and inspirations, broadening my visual vocabulary with no end in sight.

Finding my voice, discovering a way to connect with and interpreting the organic and ephemeral nature of an ever-changing world, lies at the center of my interest and quest, through both improvisation and creating order.

My return to making art, after a hiatus raising children and teaching, began with the natural progression from designing and painting theatre sets to executing murals.  It has since turned to the immediacy of working from life, primarily in nature but enjoying figurative work as well.  While the size of my work varies, I have found my fascination with color and the movement of it a constant, as evidenced in all genres: landscape work, still lifes, and portraits.

This portfolio reflects a return to my love affair with paint and the constant growth and changes inherent in the creative process. Expect me to be expanding my repetoire and stretching previously known boundaries, as the process and creativity demands.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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