Happy Birthday, Frederick!

Happy Birthday Frederick!

As I like to say… 😎 Here’s To Another Trip Around The Sun! ☀️

Or as was the case in this image – a freezing Southern winter that was so much fun! A rarity, and the most snow I have seen here since after Hurricane Hugo back in 1989! This photo was from a walk after a snow storm in Jan. 2018. ❤️ I love this photo almost as much as this man! ❤️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FREDERICK!!!  You are the best husband in the World, 🏆and I wish you the happiest of birthdays 🥳, this year, and every year! Here’s to you my sweet man! 🥂 ❤️🥰

✨ Wishing you the most amazing day – you deserve it more than you know! ✨

🎂#eatcake #allday 🌞#nocalories 👌 #illhavepie 🥧 #hehe 😘 #loveyoufred 


xo, me 🤓

♫ Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!! 🎶

♫  Happy birthday, dear freed-eeeee-rrrriccccckkkkk,

Happy birthday to you!!!! 🎶

… and many more! 💕 🙏 🥳

Catch you back here tomorrow!




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