Italian Wedding Soup (by Once Upon A Chef, Jenn Segal)!

Italian Wedding Soup Recipe by Jenn Segal (Once Upon A Chef)

Italian Wedding Soup | Jenn Segal

With a recent visit to Michigan the weather turned from balmy (Charleston, SC) to crisp and chilly. I was thinking about what to make for dinner when I received an email from Once Upon A Chef (Jenn Segal). I love receiving her newsletters with recipes, I’ve tried many, all are fabulous, so I knew this would be no different.

There is a restaurant that we like to go to for a cup of Italian Wedding Soup and a small chopped salad. It’s fabulous, but why not make it at home? #winwin

It couldn’t have been easier. I had everything measured out, cut up, etc. So when I was ready to start I was good to go. It went quickly from there. If you would like to print Jenn’s recipe, click HERE (it will take you to Once Upon A Chef – and directly to the recipe, but while you’re there, look around, and by all means, sign up for her newsletter!).

As you can see by my printed copy of Jenn’s recipe – the printer was a little askew, leaving off some digits on the left, so I’ve written them in 😉  – Really the only change that I made was to skip the addition of wine.

THIS RECIPE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD! Everyone loved it – I highly recommend. I’m going to try to make this again using Chicken Italian Sausage (Sweet) – I made it with regular Italian Sausage (Sweet) and it was fabulous! You know what was so brilliant? The combination of chicken AND beef broth. If you make this recipe, I would NOT skip that step! My husband isn’t big on chicken broth, so it’s hard to find a recipe without it, this didn’t taste like chicken OR beef broth, it tasted rich and fabulous and out of this world! ✨

This recipe is comfort food at it’s finest. The PERFECT meal for a chilly day. It makes the entire house smell divine. You will be so thrilled when you make this recipe! As Jenn mentions, you can freeze this to have at a later date, just wait to add the pasta!

Hope you enjoy as much as we all did! Catch you back here tomorrow!


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