This year’s posts may be fewer and less structured…

Rethinking This Year…

January 1st started the tenth year of this DAILY blog. I wanted to emphasize DAILY because writing a post for every day of the year can be taxing. Actually, writing it is the quickest part… the research trying to find artists, then contacting them and waiting to hear back is the most timely (but some of you out there are AWESOME and you know who you are!) – Finding companies with (GREAT) house plans is also timely, but they’re out there AND they respond.

I’m going to keep writing this blog, it just won’t be every single day. I hope to have more time to test recipes, read a good book, time to get out and move a little more and maybe even help others write a blog. I love to be able to share my knowledge with someone who may be genuinely interested in writing their own blog (like my friend, Penny, who started her blog at age 89! Nearly Ninety is the name of it, check it out via the link!).

I feature mostly artists, but my top posts, hands down (year after year) are house plans. People LOVE house plans. I am happy to continue and maybe even have a little extra time to share a few more thoughts.

Be on the lookout for some new recipes 🤞, artists, workshops, shows or events and home thoughts, plans, ideas, renovation and of course, HOUSE PLANS! This blog just won’t be as structured as it used to be (I tried to feature artists on Mon/Wed/Fri, Food/Recipe on Tue, House Plan on Thursday and photos on Sat/Sun. Now I’m not going to make myself stick to a schedule. 🙌

As always, if you know of a good artist, architect, designer with house plans available – CONTACT ME using the tab above! I’m happy to check them out! Everything takes time, because I do request permission to use their info, because, well… it is theirs 😉

I may want to start the year off by changing my desktop photo – my parents Christmas tree – I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

I look forward to sharing more with you this year – a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Catch you back here SOON!


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