Oh, the places we will go!

Oh the places we will go!

I love this photo – this was taken a few weeks ago on a quick trip to Botany Bay. Enjoying the beauty and the peace and quiet! The scenery, wow!

Oh, the places we will go! Sounds similar to a Dr. Seuess book. I love the look on Charlie’s face – he’s taking it all in and absorbing every possible scent. He was in heaven! The dirt road in the rearview mirror, the marsh off to the side. We live in such a beautiful area, with another STUNNING area to get to in no time!

If you are in Charleston, SC visiting one day, you may want to take a drive to Botany Bay. Untouched beaches and pure beauty is what you’ll be in for!

Oh, the places you will go popped in my head for this image, but is clearly not what’s happening (at least with us). With Coronavirus numbers high in Charleston and South Carolina right now we are #stayinghome trying to #flattenthecurve I pray it helps. One day… we will be going places! #cantwait

Making magic happen one day at a time – these are odd times, be good to yourself!

✍️ Until next time…




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