So what have YOU been up to since all this began? #damncovid

Charlie beside the fire with Fred ❤️

The other night we had a fire outside. It was a beautiful evening, the moon was full and the fire was so nice. Toasty and comfortable. It wasn’t particularly cold that night, more cool than anything. It was perfect. And then…

Apparently it was past Charlie’s bedtime. This dog is a master of letting you know exactly how he feels at any given time. He was snuggled in on the teak sofa. All of a sudden he sits up and stares at Fred. Which means he is ready to hit his bed. And he means his actual bed, not the sofa, and not outside by a roaring fire. He got more persistent, eventually with two legs on the sofa and two legs on the arm of the chair – which is his way of pleading. Luckily by then the fire had died down enough to put the screened cover over it. Charlie dashed to the back door ran inside and hopped in his bed.

Oh, the drama.

Charlie was “finally” where he wanted to be. Good to know that he enjoyed the fire 🙄 Funny beast. Does your dog rule the house? #ohtobecharlie #livingagoodlife #happydog #heshouldbe #winkwink #sweetbeast #COVIDtimes

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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