Yet another bowl of tasty goodness!

Yummy bowl of goodness!

Bowls are popular. They can be quick (oh so quick!), healthy (well, as healthy as you make them) and so darn good! It’s nice to take a day and prepare some veggies for the week, then just a quick heat up of the ingredients that sound good to you at the time and *BAM* Dinner. Is. Ready! #woohoo

I cook my greens soon after I get home from the store. Wash really good, salad spin, toss in a big, heavy bottom pan with some olive oil, sauté for a few minutes until they wilt, squeeze a little wedge of lemon, turn off the heat and put the lid on. Let it sit on the warm burner (residual heat) while prep other ingredients. When greens are done, I put in a glass storage container and cool then pop into the fridge. Cook any other veggies that you can think of. The more colors you have the better. Sometimes I’ll add an egg and a little coconut aminos (soy sauce replacement), green onion, shrimp sautéed with garlic and ginger.

🍚 BROWN RICE: or substitute another whole grain. I’m not grain savvy so to speak. A friend loves farro, the real kind that takes a while to cook – it’s the healthiest, I’m intrigued and want to try it!

🥬 GREENS: whatever you like, spinach, kale (lacinato – I’m not a fan of curly, thick kale, but that’s me), collards, swiss chard, bok choy, the possibilities are as endless as there are types of greens!

🥦 VEGGIES: roasted or steamed broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, beets, onion, carrot – anything!

💥 PEAS or BEANS: black beans, butter peas, any pea or bean that you like will work!

🍳 TOPPINGS: scrambled egg, green onion, drizzle of EVOO (olive oil), toasted nuts, sprinkle of cheese.

In the bowl above I used brown rice, shrimp sautéed in olive oil with garlic and ginger, lacinato kale and rainbow chard, without stems, washed, dried, and sautéed in olive oil and a little squeeze of lemon, a scrambled egg (again, residual heat, I cook in same pan shrimp was in, the pan is hot and the egg swirls around and cooks quickly with no heat). I topped with green onion.

I posted another bowl recipe last week, it was very similar (shrimp, greens, brown rice) yet so different! I made yet another version (endless possibilities!) yesterday, with roasted turnips and golden beets – it was fabulous as well!

If you make a bowl, what do YOU use?? I’d love to know, drop me a line! See CONTACT ME at the top of my website! #ohhappyday

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


3 thoughts on “Yet another bowl of tasty goodness!

    1. We like Lacinato kale too, any veggies! Going to roast cauliflower and broccoli tonight and will use what we don’t eat for a bowl tomorrow 🤩 any beans or peas (love butter peas) is good too. Basically anything! It’s quick, meat free (although some of ours has shrimp) and healthy. 💃💃


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