Featured Artist: Carl Bork!

Aspen Way by Carl Bork 18×18″ Oil

Fabulous, right? I love the sweet layers of paint, applied skillfully with a palette knife. Layers of paint adds such a nice texture don’t you think? Carl has a way with color, light and a palette knife, just wait until you see more of his work. I love the winding path, the gorgeous trees, stunning shadows and the darkness deep within that makes it all stand out!

Aspen Way is by Carl Bork, a Colorado artist that can capture where he paints with so much FEELING. If you scroll through his paintings you’ll see what I mean. Carl can capture the landscape unbelievably. But it’s not only the landscape, his figures are ah-mazing, still life paintings… gorgeous – I truly believe this man can paint anything! Be sure to check him out!

See more of Carl’s work via these links:

Website  | Instagram | Facebook | Bork and Watkins Gallery


Born in Ohio, Carl Bork grew up drawing with the encouragement of friends and family early on. It wasn’t until high school that Carl began drawing from life.  Carl began his training in painting at the Columbus College of Art and Design. The school’s rigorous foundation studies gave him the basis for his drawing and painting ideas. “ At CCAD I learned to follow my heart and paint what moves me most. The school gave me the training to express myself in painting.” The appreciation for the medium and the mood in a painting is important to Carl.

Immediately after graduating he was commissioned to work on 18 paintings for the Westin Great Southern Hotel in Columbus Ohio. Depicting historical scenes of the hotel and Columbus buildings.

Carl Bork’s work is widely collected across the U.S. and abroad. One highlight is that in 2012, Bork’s solo show “Colorado Impressions” at the Tointon Gallery in Greeley, CO was a sold out show. Also recently, Bork was featured in Southwest Art Magazine’s annual emerging artist article “21 under 31 emerging artists to collect now”

Now Carl lives in Salida, CO where he opened his own studio / gallery in 2010. Carl enjoys painting the beautiful landscape in the Arkansas River Valley and is very grateful to be able to do the thing he loves to do and share it with people in his own gallery and in different gallery shows across the U.S.

–via carlbork.com

Image and Bio via carlbork.com , used with permission…

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