Happy Valentine’s Day! #idontskipabeet

Perhaps this is a rather unorthodox Valentine image. Not the typical Cupid, roses, chocolates or kisses. But it is pretty cool, don’t you think? #cantbeetit 😉 Ahh, Valentine’s Day – a dreaded day by many, a cherished day by others. A day of celebration, handing out cards and gifts or just another day? What is it to you? 💖💘

I was chopping veggies to roast the other day, in the mix were some golden beets, I sliced them horizontally and look what I saw! Since a festive day was almost upon us I snapped a quick photo and here we are!

We don’t normally celebrate with candy, flowers, or dinners out (or beets, ha ha) – well, to be honest, we haven’t eaten out in a year now, so… #damncovid Maybe we’ll grab a nice carryout tonight, we shall see if I come up with anything prior to that.

Whether or not you celebrate this funny “holiday” – have an awesome day❣️

I would like to wish my super gorgeous, sweet, handsome, smart, stunning, soul-mate-husband a very Happy Valentine’s Day ❣️ I love you more than anything you sweet man. Forever and ever (bless you 🥰😘😍) ❌⭕️, me

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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