Berry Cobbler (Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry)

Health experts tell us we should eat the colors of the rainbow for good health. These deep dark berries are beyond amazing all by themselves, but when you toss them in a casserole dish and top them with a little somethin’-somethin’ they become ✨magic✨! I try to keep portions small, this is a teeny bowl 😉

I found a recipe in the local newspaper eons ago, it was for Blueberry Cobbler and it was fabulous. I changed it up a bit and made it with mixed berries (blackberry/blueberry/raspberry) from Trader Joe’s. I cut the amount of sugar (dramatically). The topping is quick and easy to throw together, then you swirl a little melted butter over the top and bake. I’m working on how low I can go on the butter as well. #whynot?

I’ve made this previously with one bag of frozen wild blueberries (the very sweet tiny ones) + one bag of berry mix. The results were amazing. My dad has made this recipe with all fruit, fresh peaches (awesome!), fresh from the garden rhubarb (SO GOOD!), and I’m sure a few more fruits. Whatever you have, give it a whirl!

Since it’s winter and fresh berries are not plentiful the frozen have worked beautifully (and are far more cost effective!) – just let them thaw overnight in the fridge. I’m always in such a hurry when I make this that I end up having to bake it a little longer because the filling is so cold – Do what I say, not what I do, ha ha. Next time I may heat the berries, not until hot, just to take the chill off! Click HERE to print this recipe as shown below. (Note: our most current favorite is with one (12 oz.) bag of frozen Organic WILD Blueberries (the tiny ones) and one 16 oz. bag of fancy berry medley (both from Trader Joe’s) (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries).

Try this recipe with other fruits! Let me know your favorite!

✍️ Until next time…


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