The Springfield Poolhouse by Lake & Land Studio!

Springfield Poolhouse by Lake & Land Studio!

Having a nice poolhouse is the perfect compliment to a wonderful swimming pool. A poolhouse can be used to relax, entertain, or even to use as a studio or work from home office! I love the cupola. A poolhouse takes a pool to the next level I think!

Springfield Poolhouse by Lake and Land Studio

Absolute perfection! This is the Springfield Poolhouse Plan by Lake and Land Studio. This plan has such wonderful use of space – it’s a timeless design that is so classy! Click HERE to read more about this plan! It’s pretty perfect to me!

Lake and Land Studio has thought of everything. I love the windows/doors (you have the option to customize plans by Lake & Land, so if there is something you would like a certain way, if it can be done, they can do it!) It’s such a classy design. It’s so nice to have a covered patio/breezeway and an outdoor linen area. Also nice to have a pool equipment area, since it keeps your equipment in better shape for longer. If you had enough room an outdoor shower could also be nice! A living space and bathroom… what usable space for so many things!

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