Happy Dance: The Window Box is Back!

This window box is freshly planted, so everything will get fuller and taller, but it’s quite a nice start! I love the various colors of purple and white. Purple, white and green is a nice color combination. Soft, calming, and happy. I’m thrilled that this window box is back in its rightful place…

We’ve had the wrought iron window box for many years. At one point we decided to remove the gutters on the house and they had been gone about ten years, so no window box because when it rained the heavy rain would flatten the plants.

Now we have gutters again – so it’s safe to hang the window box back up! We lined it with the coconut coir liner (made of coconut fiber), sprinkled some fresh potting soil, added a little water, then added more dirt and the plants. One each end we planted trailing white PETUNIAS. I love petunias, they aren’t fancy, but they remind me of my grandma. She wasn’t the one with a green thumb, that was my other grandma (roses, violets, blackberries), but she did have a rock garden (flower garden bordered by large cool rocks) that was planted FULL of petunias. I used to love to deadhead them (still do). In the front center we planted a lavender trailing petunia, on either side of the petunia we planted FRENCH LAVENDER, the same lavender the French use in perfume and essential oils, it smells DIVINE! In the center back we planted mint, which you can smell when you walk by, and will be nice snipped and put into ice water or tea! We also planted the two taller plant with small purple flowers, it’s called ARCHANGEL (angelonia) – I love that there are a few angels right outside my door!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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