Happy Plants Thriving In The Sun

Spring Flowers – Charleston, SC

Pretty flowers, aren’t they? These were in a flower box as I passed by at a store we frequent. Their flowers are gorgeous and this was no exception. We recently planted a flower box at our house (stay tuned for Monday’s post). We used trailing petunias, mint, French lavender and a tall plant with green and interesting small purple flowers. It’s only been planted a few days but is growing like crazy! It looks happy, whew!

There are SO MANY plants to choose from. We tried to select plants that would work in Zone 9 (our area), that also work for a window facing NW. Our sun in Charleston is so strong that even some “full sun” labeled plants can’t take it (geraniums for one), we always have to move them into part shade once it heats up, then they thrive.

We double checked with the folks at Hyams Garden Center on James Island (Charleston) and she said we should be good! We took a day off on Saturday and it was fun to take our time and get things done around the house.

✍️ Until next time… ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!) – Location: Elizabeth Stuart Design | Mount Pleasant, SC


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