Happy House!

Happy House Anniversary!

Many years ago we made the move to an older subdivision in Charleston. We live in one of the first neighborhoods developed (outside of the peninsula) – developed around 1926 – Our home was built in 1931. Due to the depression I’ve read that the neighborhood was started but there was a lull due to the depression. It was not built out until after World War II.

I think back to all the little changes (and big!) that we’ve made over the years and it’s quite amazing the transformation of each. It’s always fun to look back at photos of different room/furniture configurations – and the furniture that we’ve let go along the way (pretty much everything) – we love design, and our style changes.

The homes in this area are solid. I do mean SOLID and meant to last. Every time we’ve had someone under our house (plumbing, electric, etc.) they tell us how the house is so SOLID. That makes us feel good. Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re getting, so it is a good feeling to know it wasn’t slapped together and will last well after we’re gone. Our house is also 90 years old this year, pretty cool!

Trees make a neighborhood, don’t they? I think it’s amazing that someone had the vision to plant live oak trees down the streets in this area all those years ago. If you live where there are no trees, I highly suggest planting some – and don’t plant them underneath power lines or you will deal with what the rest of the country deals with when it comes to tree pruning for utility (power) companies. I get it, but the result is devastating in most cases. So plan ahead and plant away from the power lines!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Friday is only 2 days away! 🙌 #yougotthis

✍️ Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Happy House!

  1. Heather Locke

    I enjoyed your message.
    Older homes have a way of creeping into your soul. The 1846 house we owned for 30 years, 1970-2000, in NH remains the home I dream about. Those older homes come with their own history.

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