Jasper Road House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living!

Jasper Road House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living

Who doesn’t love house plans? We all like what we like, some of us are traditional, some modern, some of us like large homes and others prefer smaller. Whatever your preference there are plenty of house plans out there. What I really love is that most architects/designers will allow modifications to plans, assuring that it is your very own special place. I don’t create these house plans, I simply share what I like, and sometimes mention what I would change to make a plan work for me. This is fabulous plan, I simply LOVE the front porch and the side screen porch. It would be so difficult to leave that space! #stunning

Jasper Road House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living

This is the Jasper Road house plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living. This plan is 3,215 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. I mentioned my love of the front porch and the screened side porch. This plan also has a dedicated entry space which is quite nice (our current home does not, which is fine, but it would be a nice bonus!).

I feel that the living room works nicely being separated by the entry space which I think makes it a bit more private, which I like. The dining/kitchen area is nice and open. I like the master being downstairs with the little office nook (I might make it storage or a pantry if I didn’t think I would use it). The bathroom is large, with two nice closets.

Jasper Road House Plan by Our Town Plans for Southern Living

I think the upstairs is brilliant. Three bedrooms, one with its own bathroom. The other two bedrooms share a bathroom BUT each has their own sink! So you aren’t waiting for someone to take a shower, brush teeth, put on makeup, etc. They can be taking a shower while you’re getting ready in front of your own sink.

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