Majestic Trees…

Majestic. It’s the word that comes to mind when I see these spectacular live oak trees in the neighborhood. They’ve been here a while and some are so dramatic. I love the little bits of light from the sunrise in this tree. Leading you on a path to the greater beyond. This particular tree is quite large and stunning.

Even the trees in the distance are stunning with their long reaching limbs covered in Resurrection Fern. Our neighborhood works hard to keep these trees as close to natural as possible. Utilities have to trim but it’s stressful and we are very fortunate (and grateful) that they’ve been careful in our area.

One thing is certain, we have very happy squirrels in this area. They run from tree to tree. These trees were a huge draw when we first saw our house many, many years ago. It looked like the perfect place to live, nestled among the trees in close proximity to downtown and in walking distance to shopping and restaurants (and more importantly, the library!) What do you think of when you see trees like this? They’re like something in a movie… and they have been in movies. Halloween (filmed back in 2018) – that was super cool to watch and be a small part of. Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing, and well loved here in Charleston, SC.

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

6 thoughts on “Majestic Trees…

      1. Ooooh, I love the fall colors! I miss them. I am in Charleston, SC originally from Michigan (lived across the river from Canada). I still love fall, but miss the colors! 🍁 🍁 🍂 Enjoy every second of this beautiful time of year!

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  1. KD

    There are many old trees in my neighborhood too and the colors are peaking. Unfortunately though my streets are torn up as the water dept. is replacing a water main which is a huge project and they broke some limbs off of my beautiful autumn purple ash. Huge rigs are parked outside of my home–so it’s not the prettiest view right now and I generally love this time of year.

    I also like to hike this time of year before winter sets in, especially through stands of aspen. I currently reside in a landlocked state, however, I grew up in California close to the ocean. We had redwoods, giant sequoia, live oak and stands of eucalyptus. I recall hiking down to the sea through the wintering habitat of the monarch butterfly. They show a preference for the eucalyptus trees, despite the fact that they are non-native and considered invasive. Hundreds of the monarchs clustered on the leaves was a sight to behold. Of all the trees and I appreciate them all I must confess that I love the beautiful wild coastal forms of the Monterey cypress trees. Their sculptural windswept forms are exquisite, especially when shafts of sun light filters through wisps of fog.


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