Making Applesauce – Easy & So Tasty!

Homemade Applesauce!

It’s fall Y’all! (I love saying that) – there are certain things that come to mind this time of year. The smell of apples and cinnamon are a few of my favorites. This quick and easy recipe will fill your home with fall aromas like you won’t believe – I made enough for several days – it makes for a nice (and healthy) dessert, a little something sweet after dinner.

I don’t really use a recipe, this is more of a guide. So easy, so quick and so much better than store bought!

SWEETENED VERSION: I had a 3# bag of Organic Gala Apples that I bought at Costco. So I washed and dried the apples (and obviously core them!), and then peeled most of them. I left a strip of red here and there. Areas where I left the peel I chopped tiny, the smaller you chop the quicker it cooks. Once I cut up the apples, I toss them in a good heavy pan and set them simmering with a bit of water, you don’t want the apple pieces floating, just add water so they don’t stick to the bottom. I squeeze a small wedge of lemon and a tiny pinch of sea salt and a lot of cinnamon (add however much you like) and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, but taste it and use more (or less) it’s personal preference as to the sweetness. Stir to mix all ingredients.

🧡💛🤎 UNSWEETENED VERSION (my preference): Normally, when I buy applesauce at the grocery store (which I no longer do, it’s too easy to make!) – I buy unsweetened. So I just peeled a bag of Trader Joes Organic Gala apples, diced them pretty small (they do cook quicker this way), added a little water and a tiny (for real, tiny) pinch of salt and some cinnamon. NO SUGAR. A little water and I let the apples cook, adding more water at times, just a little, and then when apples were softened, I mashed. Tasted… PERFECTION. Weirdly, they tasted even sweeter than when I added sugar… Note the more cinnamon you add the darker it will be. Either way the taste is divine!

Turn heat down to low and keep an eye on it. Stir it until you can use a potato masher to mash (just watch the bottom of your pan, if it’s a pan that can get dinged up – mine was – then pour into something that can handle the mashing) the applesauce, I didn’t want it completely smooth, I wanted a little texture. I suppose for those of you who like it ultra smooth you could toss into a blender or food processor, etc.

That’s it! I pour the applesauce into a glass dish and wait for it to cool before covering and putting in the fridge. This applesauce is such a delight all by itself or alongside pork chops or roasted veggies (or on top of ice cream, hehe…)


✍️ Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Making Applesauce – Easy & So Tasty!

  1. KD

    I’ve love making homemade applesauce. I found a recipe years ago that used golden delicious, but I like experimenting with different apples and I also spike mine with either brandy or rum and a pat of butter and of course cinnamon. I’ve also tried roasting it too. It smells divine, especially when there’s a chill in the air. It pairs well with pork chops, but it goes well with other foods too. I sometimes serve it following a light meal in lieu of dessert like following an autumnal soup with a baguette. Happy fall cooking!

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