The Cottage House Original House Plan by Prim Haus!

Cottage House Original | House Plan by Prim Haus

What a striking house plan! I love the simple, clean lines of this cottage plan. This is a sprawling plan with cathedral ceilings and well place skylights – Let the sun shine in! I’m happy to introduce Prim Haus Designers with their premium, modern home plans to the mix! Their plans are stunning!

Cottage House Original | House Plan by Prim Haus

This is the Cottage House Original house plan by Prim Haus. This plan is 2,328 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. This is one story living at its finest – I like how the garage is tucked off to the side and not a focal point. Prim Haus has fabulous images on their website so you can truly envision this plan, both inside and out, which really helps. (OH! The floors! They are gorgeous, just wait until you see the pattern!)

👉 If you are interested in a house plan by Prim Haus, they have graciously extended a 10% discount off any plan by using the Promo Code: ARTFOODHOME

A few of the WOWs for me on the interior:

  • The entry is a generous 16’x16’ (including a powder room and a closet) and stunning doors that take your eye through the room to the outdoors. I can imagine so many wonderful design features for this space… 
  • The benches, one under a window in the living area and another in the kitchen. It’s a modern take on traditional bench! 
  • The niche for firewood on the left side of the fireplace. Whether you use it functionally or use it for display it’s a striking focal point, especially when you’re coming from the opposite end of the house – the view is WOW!

Check out Prim Haus, I think you will be in love! There is so much information on their website about this plan, plenty of details and images! There is always the option to customize this plan so that it’s exactly what you envision for YOU. Contact Prim Haus with any question or inquiries. Be sure to check out the other plans they have available. They’re all wonderful!

Prim Haus

Website  |  Cottage House Original Plan  |  Instagram  |  FAQS

✍️ I work with architects/designers from all over, so if you’re interested in one of their plans, please let them know that you saw it here on – Until next time…

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