A Photo For Palm Sunday – Charleston, SC

Palms – Charleston, SC

I saw these palms on a walk and I thought of Palm Sunday – what a nice thought to post the gorgeous palms coupled with the blooming azaleas! I love these wild palms that just pop up wherever they please. They usually appear where you don’t want them (on the very edge of a walkway for example), but occasionally they land in a good spot. We have one in our yard that we let get rather large (tree) it’s amazing that it all starts from these thin palm branches.

One week until Easter – time flies! It’ll be Christmas in another week or two 😉 Get outside and enjoy these beautiful spring days as much as you can. In Charleston, we’ve pretty much had spring since Jan/Feb which is pretty odd, even for us. I know we aren’t the only ones with unusual weather.

To those of you who know, are these wild palms the sabal palmettos (on the state flag)? Asking for a friend, hahaha. Happy weekend to you!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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