Up to his old antics… plus a new one!

Celebrating Sweetness…

I love impromptu photos. Most of the images I take are filled with sunlight. I walked by our sunroom on this sunny day to see Charlie sitting on the ottoman, full of light – looking like an angel, ha ha. This sweet beast loves his sunroom – so much to see and do. People walking, kids playing, birds chirping, cats staring in the window – 😳…

Charlie is nearing 13 years old – and he’s doing GREAT. He has so much energy still. He, like us, is starting to turn a bit grey, ha ha – it’s OK, we’re all aging together. #whatfun

Pillows are in the chairs so he is not. Leave a coaster or a piece of paper and it’s GONE, he’s still up to his tricks, but has recently added a new one: My husband works from home a majority of the time. He will write himself stickies of what’s important or to do or whatever and guess who will sneak in and steal the sticky? Peel it right off of whatever it’s stuck to. You guessed it. The sweet beast. Paper gone (eaten) – it’s his super power right now I suppose.

Time to get out and walk this sweet boy. #takestheedgeoff Happy Saturday!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

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