Taken on a visit to San Fran!

Who doesn’t love the California coast? The views are stunning – so different from the east coast, equally beautiful, just a different kind of beauty. It’s amazing how our country has some major differences in scenery – how fortunate we are…

This photo was taken in 2005 on one of our trips to San Fran. This trip we took a tour (which ended up being so amazing – we loved every second of it) – we were on a bus when I took this photo. I love the simplicity of the coast – so graceful.

Peaceful photos mean the world these days. While we aren’t traveling this summer (and bless those of you who are!) we are reliving some of the great memories we have of some of the fabulous places that we have visited. Where are some of your favorites?

👩‍💻 Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Taken on a visit to San Fran!

    1. Hey Diane! This was taken around 2005 – somewhere between SF and (on the way to) Sonoma (would be my best guess)… It’s been a while! The beauty was stunning! So different from the beauty we see here 🙂 Update… Fred thinks I took it either coming or going across SF bridge, Marin Headlands perhaps?


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