For everyone who needs to take a breath…

Sunrise from the Swag | Annie’s Room | August 2022

For everyone who needs to take a breath… This post is for you! Whew, what a stressful few days – with upcoming storms and all that goes with it. Not to mention watching the TV and seeing the destruction that had occurred in Florida. Our prayers go out to you Florida! Charleston, SC and surrounding areas has been on the bad side of a hurricane (Hugo, 1989) – and it’s not something you ever forget.

So, my husband and I have made it our deal (ok, this year, mostly his deal, but I helped…) to do what we can for neighbors who may not be around. Those having to take care of others, who have been out of town, under the weather or for whatever reason – getting outside and helping (and inside and helping in whatever way you can). I’ve watched my husband do hard labor of cleaning up many yards around here. Yards full of debris – limbs, so much Spanish moss, ohmygoodness! Leaves, acorns, things that have blown from who knows where. No way can I keep up with him. He’s a powerhouse. #payitforward Not everyone can do this backbreaking work. I think he is energized by it (you are my hero, dearie!) quite frankly.

If you can’t do yard work, think of the many ways you can help someone out. Make their day a little brighter. Everyone has a story. Give your support, and help however you can. Sometimes a simple HELLO and a smile can make someone’s day.

👩‍💻 Until next time… Go forth and be a nice human 😉

PS!! Normally, I try to feature an artist on Monday’s – I have some great ones lined up – so stay tuned. I ran out of time during the storm. My focus factor was pretty much nil. So check back next week! Until then, catch you on Wednesday!


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