Stunning (Pre) Sunrise…

(Prior to) Sunrise From The Swag | Waynesville, NC

The above photo is a sunrise image taken from The Swag (from the dog trot/porch area). No filter, no enhancement, just pure Mother Nature in all her glory! There is nothing better than to wake up to these stunning colors. We high tailed it to Gooseberry Knob where it didn’t take long for the sun to rise above the distant mountains. Wow. What a show it was! To think that this image was just the preview of what was to come is amazing.

You can see the rays shooting out into the vibrant blue sky. It was a nice, cool morning. When we reached the top of Gooseberry Knob, we saw several people that we had hiked with/talked to throughout our stay. I swear, you meet the coolest people at The Swag. Just like when we visited the Island Inn (Monhegan, Maine) – we met some wonderful people over the years, and still keep in touch with them often. It was fun to meet up and have dinner together, chat on the trails, etc.

We feel very fortunate to have visited such a wonderful place where the views are stunning, the food is out of this world and the amenities make me miss it daily. #hellosteamshower #andheatedfloorsinthebathroom #andandand

Do you have a wonderful location that you love to visit? Where is it? Why do you love it? What makes it special to you?

We were thrilled to be able to visit the mountains while the leaves were changing. The ride up Swag Road was absolutely unforgettable! 🍁🙏🍂

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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