Featured Artist: Lizzie Black!

Penny’s Flowers in July by Lizzie Black

Lizzie Black. Wow, if you haven’t run across her work, let me introduce you to this dynamite artist from the village of Mousehole, Cornwall (UK). Her landscapes and garden studies are stunning. I love how she chose to spend time during the pandemic – she turned it into a very positive experience by creating such beauty in her paintings. Her garden studies are hopeful, gorgeous and a breath of fresh air! I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful work by this artist…

I’m so thankful to have run across Lizzie’s paintings on Instagram. One positive for social media is that it expands our view of the world from the comfort of our own home. When I saw Lizzie’s work, I just knew you would love it too.

The area that Lizzie lives in has got to provide so much inspiration. If you Google it (I was curious), it’s a stunning village with so much history. When you look at her landscape paintings you see how she captures it so clearly.

Lizzie’s paintings are bright and happy. The above painting, Penny’s Flowers in July, is a beautiful rendition of a perfect summer day spent outdoors creating beautiful arrangements of freshly cut flowers. Can’t you just smell them now? Feel the sun on your back? This is the kind of painting you always want somewhere nearby. When tension increases, take a peek at it and ahhhhh. Instant stress relief!


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About Lizzie’s Garden Studies (via Lizzie’s website):

During the summer of 2020 lockdown, frustrated with not being allowed out to paint plein air. I took my paints and objects outside into the garden and discovered a new subject alongside the beautiful flowers and garden that I am forever grateful for. My husband is a very keen gardener and has spent lockdown nurturing and working hard in the garden to produce this amazing collection of plants. My mother in law has generously offered me a very special objects and antiques to muse over. These are some of the results. This was my way of turning towards the light and looking for hope and joy in life. Since this time I have continued to find inspiration in my immediate surroundings. Please contact me for further details and availability of these artworks.

What a brilliant way to spend a very frustrating time. I love it when people take lemons and make lemonade! I haven’t met Lizzie, but she seems like a positive inspiration to those around her.


✍️ Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Lizzie Black!

  1. Hi Barbara thank you for showing my work and adding your lovely comments! I am so happy that my work brings such enjoyment to the people that see and buy my work. I feel incredibly fortunate to love my local life in Cornwall as an artist 👩‍🎨😍

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