Loving This “Winter” Light…

Loving this winter light!

Winter light. Winter skies. (Not to mention cooler winter temps!) Ahhh, I love them. The sky seems bluer and the golden light is amazing as it highlights the trees. Something stark and leaf barren can be stunning. Note the small moon… Late fall/winter are my favorites. Maybe winter (in Charleston) is my favorite because it’s more like fall in the midwest.

Sometimes its hard to get a walk in without stopping to take photos. This time of year in Charleston, SC is extra special. If you’re visiting, places I would visit…

  • Folly Beach – walk the beach without a lot of people or visit the new pier. My favorite time to go.
  • Crosby’s Seafood near Folly, pickup great seafood to take home to cook, or visit their food truck, they do not disappoint!
  • Shem Creek – walk out on the pier/dock – walk to the end, watch people fishing, kayaking, etc. A great place to chill and to take photos. Go at sunset!
  • Pitt Street Bridge/Mt. Pleasant – read about it HERE
  • Galleries/shops downtown
  • Walk around and take photos… this is my favorite!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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