Featured Artist: Brett Eberhardt!

Garwood Corner by Brett Eberhardt 19″ x 19″ Oil on Panel | Sold

Brett Eberhardt. Someone shared this painting on social media and it caught my attention. I see so many paintings – a select handful will jump out at me and make me say, WOW. I love Brett’s description of this painting – he nailed this painting beyond belief! I mean, just look at the sheen on the floor, the oh so slight reflections. The years of paint – some of it chipping away. The tiles… can’t you just see them? This painting tells a story! But this time, you get to know what the story is!

I have to say, I absolutely love when an artist adds a description to their painting. Whether it be describing the technique, location, weather, colors of paint, types of brushes, comments from being passing by… it’s all so interesting. Here is Brett’s description of this painting:

Garwood Corner is a painting of a corner in my old office when I taught at Western Illinois University. When I would collect myself before class or settle myself after, my eyes, more often than not, would come to rest on this corner – a combination of the original Garwood building (one of the oldest on campus), a partial marble baseboard, decorative molding, with a laminate green floor added who knows when. Other parts of the office had tan laminate, like it had been tiled with a mix of surplus tiles from other projects. I sat on the floor in order to get the right perspective and composition. I received quite a few looks of surprise from colleagues and maintenance while working on this painting. They would open the door and there I was on the floor making a painting. It quickly become a weekend painting, Garwood saw little activity then. I remember being dissatisfied, like I couldn’t get it, and didn’t know how to get it. The painting just sort of stopped. Since then, I believe it has become one of my most admired paintings, eventually bought by the family that created the Christmas Tree Shop empire.”

Check out Brett’s other paintings via his website link below and his available paintings such as this one, Elly’s Drawing (Meditation on Life), 2021 – available at the Kenise Barnes Fine Art Gallery in CT.

Brett Eberhardt

WEBSITE | Instagram

About the Artist (via Brett’s website):

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Brett Eberhardt is preoccupied with the similarities in building a painting, a massive accumulation of both intentional and chance occurrences, with the histories of the battered objects and surfaces in his surroundings. Brett has exhibited internationally and won numerous awards, including a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant and a Merit Award Fellowship from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. He received a BFA at Northern Michigan University and an MFA at Syracuse University and has taught at Manchester Community College, Western Illinois University, State of New York University at Potsdam and Maine College of Art. He is represented by Kenise Barnes Fine Art in Kent, CT.


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