Featured Artist: Melanie Morris!

Summer in the South by Melanie Morris 36×36 Acrylic {SOLD}

Melanie Morris. Her zinnia’s are out of this world! I love a happy painting, full of wonderful color and a subject matter that I adore. Zinnia’s fit the bill on both counts. I like the trees in the distance, it gives you a feel for how large this zinnia field is! I like the zinnia’s that are poking up reaching towards the sun like the overachievers they are. Wonderful detail up front blending into the more subdued in the back gives that feeling of depth. What a beautiful field this must be…

Melanie said that this painting “was inspired by a wonderful zinnia field in Southern Alabama” – can you imagine?

Years ago before trees blanketed more of our yard in shade we had a good size zinnia bed. We had cut flowers all summer long. Vases of zinnias everywhere, that was such fun. My mom often has small vases of flowers set here and there and it’s just beautiful!

Read more about Melanie below, and if you’re inspired to take a class from her, click on the CLASSES tab below. Melanie has some online classes and some classes in person. What more can you ask for, right?

ARTIST’S INFO: Melanie Morris

WEBSITE | Instagram | Classes

About the Artist (via Melanie’s website):

A Roundabout Path

Melanie was drawn to art from an early age but didn’t think painting could be a career but a hobby she would always love. She worked as a pharmaceutical rep, advertising account director and medical education moderator but never found a job she really loved. Melanie still felt called to art and took painting classes whenever she could until she found a job with a flexible schedule that allowed her to go back to school in painting. She now happily works full-time as an artist.

Happy Color

Melanie doesn’t like dreary and uses layers of exquisite color to create her dreamlike paintings.  Her colorful acrylic paintings have been said to “evoke a range of emotion from quiet contemplation to bubbling-over joy”. 

Click HERE to read Melanie’s bio in full!


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