Red Fox House Plan by Sailer Design

Red Fox House Plan by Sailer Design

A guest house or a home? Well, I think the decision is yours. The Red Fox house plan will fit seamlessly with any of the Sailer Design house plans for use as a guest cottage. How nice to give your friends and family their own space. A well-appointed interior with the bonus of a covered porch is a #winwin in my book. Stylish design for sure.

Don’t have room for a guest suite? Or don’t need a large space? In my mind this is nice for a single person as well, especially if you could build in some extra storage for all the “things” we use but not all the time to keep the interior from becoming crowded. What a fabulous porch, front and side. Sit outside, drink your coffee and greet the morning.

The bedroom, walk in closet, linen closet, laundry room (potential area for more storage) and bathroom are perfect. The open family/kitchen/dining area is so nice. When you walk in from the covered porch your site line goes through the family room to the wall between the bedroom and bathroom – a nice painting with a special lighting could make this a dramatic use of space!

Red Fox House Plan by Sailer Design

If this is used as a guest house, how nice for your guests! It may be difficult to get them to leave, ha ha. Just think, to be visiting someone, yet be able to get up when you want to, make a pot of coffee, read your book, go for a walk. Then come home and get ready for the day. That gives your host time to sleep in or do whatever they like to do. You can meet up for breakfast or lunch and enjoy your day together. At night, no listening to snoring, ha ha, no sharing a bathroom… you’ll be in your own space. #cantbeatthat

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