The path to finding JOY…

Joy. It has a different definition for each of us. For some of us it may be spending time with friends out on the town, for others, we may prefer a quiet night at home. Some of are energized by being around a lot of people and others of us are quite the opposite. If you’re having trouble finding your joy. What makes you happy, what makes you smile, what gives you peace (or if you know someone who is) read on…

Start with getting outside. Sit in the sunshine, watch the waves wash onto the shore, watch the clouds float overhead – a never ending peaceful practice. Get out and take a lap, talk to your neighbors, say hello to your friends – walk your dog. Finding JOY can be as simple as sitting poolside with a good book. Or chatting with a friend about what type of moisturizer to use. It’s not winning the lottery, buying a fancy car, or spending a lot of money. We’re talking about the joy deep within. The type of joy that makes you smile (genuinely) – a sense of peace that allows you to sleep until morning. It’s the little things in life that are magical. New shoots on the hydrangeas, a palm popping up in an ideal spot, your dog having a good report at their checkup. The wind in your hair, the smile from a friend, the wave from a child in the grocery store. As soon as you understand that the little things matter more than you can ever realize – your days will get brighter.

Make a point to look around and constantly think of something positive. Life is so good, but life is so short. We need to grab every opportunity to make it even better, not only for us, but for those around us. Here’s to the brightest days ahead, for all of us!

✨Remember that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey (that’s the saying, right?) Case in point: this photo was taken at a beautiful location in Waynesville, NC. Fred and I went out for a hike. We had a backpack with a delicious lunch, everything included. This photo was taken shortly after we started. As we weaved in and out I suddenly became so hot I thought I was going to fall over. Instead of enjoying the moment (remember, it’s NOT about the destination, it’s about the JOURNEY) – instead of pulling over and sitting in the shade for a bit while we had lunch (which Fred suggested) – I wanted to carry on until we got back to where we started. Make yourself stop 🛑 – take a breath – and slow down. Enjoy this thing we call life. We can all be in a hurry with so much of our day – but sometimes you have to stop and take a breath. See, I’m still learning. #makingaconsciouseffort

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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