iPhone Sketch – “Uplighting”…

Uplighting by barbara stroud | An iPhone Sketch

Uplighting is an 8 minute sketch (at most). What fun! Last night Fred was taking a shower so I did a quick sketch. Instead of finding paper, pencils, pens, marker, etc. I simply opened an app on my phone and tada. I love art, we love art (my husband and I) – but I also like to tinker. What fun. I especially love to create fun little sketches.

Sketching (usually only to be deleted) is relaxing to me. You’re concentrating on one subject, similar to being “in the zone” for all you artists who know. My sights were set on a palm tree with uplighting. So pretty against the oh so dark blue sky. I can’t wait to try it again – It’s fun to find other things to sketch. I usually do a quick sketch of something in my sight. I used to sketch at night on my iPad. It it turns out, great. If not, eh, no biggie. Nothing to store but the iPad. #wootwoot

👩‍💻 Until next time…


3 thoughts on “iPhone Sketch – “Uplighting”…

  1. Yes, so fun. I’ve got an app on my phone called Sketches Pro and it’s so fun. Apple recently gave us a new app called Freeform and I think that’s a sketching app but I haven’t checked it out yet. Sketching like this is so much better than scrolling mindlessly on social media.

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    1. Agree completely! Would much rather sketch – it’s so relaxing. Freeform is what I used with this sketch. I was in the dentist’s office one day and was waiting, so I did a sketch of an area of the waiting room, ha ha. This is my second sketch. Still figuring it out, but love it!


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