Consistently Delicious – EVO Wood-Fired Pizzeria (& Best Salads EVER)

EVO Pizzeria (and EVO Craft Bakery next door!) – Best salad and pizza EVER!

Do you have a restaurant you love because they deliver consistently delicious (and creative!) food? Recently we had another unusual salad that was so exquisite in every way. It was different, it was fabulous – utter perfection. Their pizza’s are perfect, thin crust, great sauce, not too much cheese (or too little) – but their salads are what I look so forward to!

EVO Pizzeria is located in North Charleston, SC. We usually order a Margherita pizza (wood-fired) and split it. Sauce, cheese and basil – and it’s so fresh and delicious. We also order a large salad and split that as well. It’s the best combination ever. Although, I did see a lot of people order their pimento cheese appetizer, so I’ve got my eye on that as well.

Let me describe a few of the salads we’ve had over the past few weeks. (I had to pull it up on their Instagram because most of the time there is at least one ingredient I’ve not heard of before.) Their dressings are all house made and fit to perfection for the salad.

-Arugula, broccolini, aleppo, cucumber, pickled red onion, pine nuts and bleu cheese dressing. Ohhhmmmmgeeeeee. 5⭐️

-Bibb lettuce, roasted chicken, corn, red onion, pickled jalapeños, cotija, and cilantro vinaigrette. (So interesting!!)

-Saw one that I may be able to figure out at home: Artisan lettuce, genoa salami, pickled red onion, cucumber, sunflower seeds, feta and red grape vinaigrette. Of course by the time you purchase all the ingredients to make one salad, you may as well have ordered it. Because you KNOW it will be better… #italwaysis

EVO: 🙌 High five on delivering excellent food time after time (and for coming up with so many brilliant salads). It is mind boggling how many different salad variations you can come up with. Each is unique and OUT OF THIS WORLD. For those of you who have never been to EVO… prepare to be impressed!

Are the rest of you like me – you’re going to make a salad, so you head to the store. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber *the end*. Ugh. I can be a bit more creative in the summer. One big draw to the EVO salads is the actual lettuce. Tender. Perfect. Not the “baby lettuce” you buy at the grocery store. I would swear it was just picked every day, it’s that fresh.

Do you have a place that you frequent that outdoes themselves time after time? #tellme

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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