(RE-) Featured Artist: Jessica Fields!

At the Window by Jessica Fields 24″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas

Jessica Fields. Don’t you just love the color? Jessica is know for her not-afraid-of-color paintings. I LOVE paintings with color. As much as we love the monochromatic look in a house, my husband and I both adore color. I think it livens up a space and gives it great energy. I especially love little blips of orange – It’s like the sun at sunset – magnificent!

I featured Jessica back in 2017 (read it HERE) – Loved her energy then and love it now! She makes good use of color and light. Her paintings are amazing – Landscapes, still lives, portraits and more – fabulous!

At the Window is at Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta, GA. I can’t imagine it’ll be there very long. What a nice sunny day vibe on a cloudy day. This painting exudes warmth and hope of good things to come. I love Jessica’s use of color (and not being afraid to use it) – the varying shades of orange where the light comes through the window is so nicely done.

Be sure to check out Jessica’s website/Instagram (links below) to take a peek at her gorgeous paintings! I also included a link to Anne Irwin Fine Art for this painting (“This painting” below). I think my next favorite painting is the first one listed under LANDSCAPES on her website. Absolutely lovely!


WEBSITE | Instagram | This painting

About the Artist (information below is from Jessica’s website):

Jessica Fields – Artist Bio

Jessica Fields was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and lived there for 8 whole days before becoming a Texan. 

She graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design because she wanted to see snow and then scurried back to Texas. Art school is amazing. That much snow is insane.

She received her Masters in Art Education from the University of Houston and then taught Art and Art History for 6 years in West Houston. 

Now living in Greenville, South Carolina, Jessica paints landscapes and still lives that almost always have the exact shade of yellow that was in her mother’s house. Because home chases you.

I love sharing artists whose work I think you’ll admire. I thought this painting might be nice for your inspiration for the week!



✍️ Until next time!


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