It’s Geranium Time!!

Flowers in Charleston, SC are plentiful right now. The colors delight the eye and the scent, ooooh, makes me so happy. People have been happily planting for some time now. Garden centers are packed (especially on weekends!) The geraniums are gorgeous and come in so many beautiful colors! I’ve always loved the geranium colors like salmon and light pink – in this image the blooms look red, but they’re more of a fiery fuchsia, which stands out nicely.

What are some of the standard plants you buy year after year? I would like to plant some lavender (especially since it repels mosquitoes, fleas, flies and moths – woot! woot!) – I love the scent of it! Last year we bought English Lavender – it was divine!

Basil is another (as you may have seen in my grilled steak post 😋) – it helps deter flies and mosquitoes – I’m starting with it in the kitchen, because it would be nice to snip, snip from inside and not worry about pesky bugs. I will happily move it around so it receives sunlight – if it grows too large (I think we ate 1/3 of the plant last night on a wonderful bowtie pasta salad with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes!)

Hope y’all have a wonderful week – they’re flying by at the speed of light!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


3 thoughts on “It’s Geranium Time!!

  1. Laura French

    Lavender is a perennial subshrub here in Southern California and I have French lavender surrounding my almond trees. The be happily help with pollination! Basil is growing in quite a few places… you can never have too much basil! So many other herbs are woven throughout my garden. It’s wonderful to walk outside and snip something to add to a dish. Is basil your favorite?

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