A reminder to get outside…

An accidental iPhone image = a good reminder for me to get out and walk (or do whatever to stay active). Nothing is off the table. For instance, I’m a big sweeper. I love to sweep. I’m outside, it clears my mind and it’s rewarding – we have a big area to sweep, especially with constantly falling leaves/berries/blooms/squiggles/acorns/you name it. Another way to spend the summer is gardening (or in my case trying to keep mondo grass from taking over a path) – the stuff grows like crazy…

I have a method for removing the mondo grass from the pathway. I use a screwdriver 😂 – because I’m trying to pull up chunks of their roots that spread underground. I dig the screwdriver into the soil and make a clockwise motion – after that it’s an easy pull to get it out of the ground. Note: it’s always easier after a rain – when the soil is slightly moist rather than during a drought when it’s hanging on for dear life.

Whatever you choose to do, try to get outside – it’s good to get out and breathe the fresh air. I love watching the wind blow, watch the birds high in the sky, take in the scents of what may be blooming all around you (Nature TV). You’ll find your shoulders start lowering – it’s that peaceful. ☮️

🌿 Until next time…


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