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Baker & Brewer | Charleston, SC

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Brixx Wood-Fired Pizza – the Inside Scoop!

Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza

Fred and I had the best lunch the other day… we had worked hard (our study has been painted, woohoo Fred!) it was getting late and we were starving! We headed to Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, in Mount Pleasant, SC. Usually we split a pizza, they aren’t big, but just enough for us… except for that day… this turned into a lunch/dinner situation… we ordered our typical Margherita Pizza… it’s so fresh tasting with a light crust, very fresh (house made) mozzarella, fresh roma tomatoes and luscious basil… a tasty treat… but we saw that someone had ordered a pizza with some lots of “green” (it was a ways away), we asked what it was. It was the Wild Mushroom Pizza with fresh arugula. So we ordered one of those as well! (Oink! Oink!) Oh. My. Gosh. We were in Heaven… the arugula was so fresh a tender, the PERFECT addition to this pizza. The Margherita Pizza was delicious, as it always is! Their iced tea is pretty spectacular as well… always fresh, and if you’re an iced tea connoisseur like we are (unsweet please) this is the place to go!

Wild Mushroom Pizza with Arugula
Wild Mushroom Pizza with Arugula

Can I tell you how difficult it was to wait to snap this photo? I was getting the evil eye from Fred. HURRY UP! ha ha… Heaven, I’m tellin’ ya! If you get a chance, head on over there… Here’s their website with menu! Or if you prefer to jump right to the PIZZA MENU just click the link! Enjoy and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

F L A S H B A C K !

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[ r e s t a u r a u n t ] E V O P I Z Z A !

I wish I could give credit to whoever snapped this photo, pretty darn cool, huh! EVO Pizzeria Facebook
I wish I could give credit to whoever snapped this photo, pretty darn cool, huh?    EVO Pizzeria Facebook

WHAT A COOL PLACE! If you haven’t been to EVO Pizza (Extra Virgin Oven), you must go! I cannot wait to go back! We went with some friends and had the absolute best pizza and salad ever! Everything was top notch… The Farmer’s salad was so fresh, the roasted corn was delightful and the dressing was out of this world… We split the Margherita pizza and I have to say it’s the best we’ve ever had. Does TO DIE FOR explain how wonderful? I was so excited when the food came that I forgot to take a photo… that’s too sad, but it’s also a good reason to go back! Even the tea was remarkably good…  No bitter taste, just pure delight!

We also went to the EVO bakery located behind the restaurant… the best looking breads you’ve ever seen! We bought a loaf of bread and a few chocolate chip cookies that were the best… just like the kind you make without all the mess! That night I made a pot of soup and had a slice of bread… heavenly!! Not expensive… better than any store bought bread could ever be!

Here is a little blip about the restaurant from their website:

About Extra Virgin Oven, LLC:

In 2005, Ricky Hacker and Matt McIntosh wheeled a cart into the Charleston Farmer’s Market, built a fire, assembled an array of ingredients: handmade dough, homemade sauce, hand-pulled mozzarella and the freshest local produce. The result seemed simple enough: Extra Virgin Oven: fresh, honest, uncomplicated Neapolitan pizza. The line in front of the pizza cart grew longer…and longer. What was happening was delicious – and different.

EVO began as a family business in 2005 baking pizzas on a mobile wood-fired oven for farmers’ markets and catering.  In 2007, we opened our restaurant in lovely Park Circle to further pursue our passion with fresh, local, house-made, uncomplicated food.  We’ve been passionate about supporting local farmers and visiting farms since 2005 and continue to work closely with our local producers.

In addition to pizza, Extra Virgin Oven serves an array of homemade soups, salads, cured meats and paninis on artisan breads, fresh from our wood-fired oven. Artisan beers and distinctive wines are the perfect complement to our honest food.

We make our own quality ingredients in house with the freshest local produce and meat available. We prepare and pull our own mozzarella twice daily, as well as make our pizza dough twice a day; we bake our own breads in our wood-fired oven; we slowly cook our sauces and soups daily; we make our house-made sweet sausage daily; our aioli is hand-made each day; our dressings our house-made, not from a jar.  We believe it’s our job to let the essence of each ingredient speak for itself and know you will taste the difference.

Wow… after reading that you see that their food is REAL… it’s homemade and I swear you can tell the difference! EVO is located in the Park Circle area of North Charleston, SC, a very cool spot! – Check out their MENU!

There has been a lot of great press about this restaurant! I’m telling you, if you haven’t been… I would high tail it over there!!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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The Flatbread Company, Portland, Maine – Pizza with a view!

Waterfront dining… there’s nothing like it! Especially when the atmosphere is casual, the food is delicious and there is a great view! We had heard wonderful things about the Flatbread Company, so, on a recent stop in Portland, Maine we decided to check it out. Located on Commercial Street, right in the heart of things sits this amazing restaurant. I’m not sure we would have run across it if someone didn’t tell us about it. I am so glad they did! Especially since it’s only a few minutes from the airport. It’s good to have a plan when your plane lands and you’re are ravenous with nowhere in mind to go! Check out their MENU; it’s not typical pizza, it’s different, and absolutely delicious. The salads are so beyond wonderful, very different, very, very good! So wonderful that as soon as it arrived… WE. ATE. IT. Ok, so that’s what normal people do, but I have to TAKE. A. PHOTO. FIRST. Well, you don’t see what we ordered (it was so good, just trust me on that!), but I did take photos inside the place. We got there before they opened (on our way to the airport), so that’s why there aren’t many people yet…

They have a neat website showcasing each of their restaurants… check it out!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

MONZA… quite possibly the best pizza on earth?

Have you been to Monza? Located in Charleston, SC it’s quite possibly the best pizza you’ll ever taste! Here’s a general blip about their pizza from their website:

Hundreds of thousands have been making the pilgrimage to Monza since 1922. They go to witness greatness and glory. Sometimes horror. Sitting in the stands, some hanging in trees, they watch Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lotus run wild along 6.25 miles of sexy twists and turns. Monza is an Italian super speedway forever etched in racing history. Catapulting drivers into heroes. From La Pista Magica – the magic track – comes our Neapolitan style pizza. 

Our dough is made using imported San Felice wheat flour, natural Neapolitan yeast, filtered and pH balanced water then kneaded with a mixer imported from Naples. Our pizza is baked in a wood fired oven at 1000 degrees resulting in a thin crispy crust, topped with fiore di latte mozzarella, and fresh local and regional ingredients whenever possible. Rev it up for Monza.

 That crust they speak of… pure heaven in your mouth. It’s thin, but not like most thin/cardboard pizza. This is so good you just won’t believe it. Everything was exquisite. The mozzarella, the crust, the fresh sauce, oh boy, did we have a great lunch! We love their butter beans. A weird thing to love, but their butter beans taste like nothing you’ve ever tasted. They’re in a word… lovely! After the beans we had pizza… the first one was VON TRIPS it has house made Italian Sausage and seasonal greens. When I asked the waitress about the seasonal greens, she said that day it was kale… they sauté the kale and put it on top of the pizza and bake it. Kale is a nutritional powerhouse… whoa, that turns this into a super healthy food, kinda… Let me say, there was the perfect amount of italian sausage on the pizza, not smothered with it, just a little here and there, it added the perfect flavor without a ton of fat. The second pizza was the Materassi, with the fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil… we split both and came home with enough for lunch! They have great music playing, which adds to the ambiance. The space itself is very cool, someone spent time figuring it out and making it really quite nice. I love the orange glass tiles on the wall. If you’re in the area, I highly suggest you stop by… Here’s a link to their MENU!

Hope to see you there!

Location: 451 King Street, Charleston, SC

843.720-8787 |

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm

Friday & Saturday 11am-11pm

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Mellow Mushroom opens in Avondale…


Mellow Mushroom restaurant opened a few weeks ago in Charleston. More specifically, West Ashley/Avondale area, which is mighty convenient and within walking distance… woohoo! We treated ourselves to pizza for dinner last night and a spinach salad… it was too good! They did a great job renovating the space that started as the Ashley Theater, which opened 2/20/1950! They kept the overall theater feel, they removed the drop down ceilings that the shop before them had and now you see the gorgeous wood ceilings, they have the huge movie projector in the center like a piece of art, very cool. I have to say everyone was uuber friendly… there was a nice vibe to the restaurant, not to mention good pizza. So if pizza is sounding good to you head on over there!

Catch you back here tomorrow, in the meantime, if you get a chance check out my photo blog !