Island Inn… Monhegan Island, Maine!

How grand does the Island Inn look sitting atop the hill keeping watch over the entire island? Pretty darn grand! I love this place… WE love this place. The people are like family. The rooms are clean and oh so comfortable. The bonus are all the wonderful people you meet, the people that keep you coming back to catch up! There seems to be a small group of us that goes to the island about the same time every year. It’s like a family reunion, ha ha… I think this photo is from 2009… but it shows the parts that I love… Arriving with the Island Inn truck there to help schlep your bags to your room, the Barnacle (on the left), a wonderful place to play cards if its slow, or to have a hot chocolate or coffee and definitely a nice lunch! Trek up the hill to the inn, and then off to your room, how exciting! Ahhh what great memories! When you come to the island it’s an adventure… the art is spectacular and you’re likely to see artists scattered everywhere. The food… extraordinary! The views, the island itself… absolute stunning beauty!

Hey, if you want to visit the Island Inn, check out their website, it’s fabulous! I still dream about the fabulous dinners there, oh boy!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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