Featured Artist: Julie Schumer

Landscape with Gray by Julie Schumer 50x40" Acrylic on Panel
Landscape with Gray by Julie Schumer
50×40″ Acrylic on Panel

Gray is hot right now… I love the light pinks and the grays, very nice… beautiful soft palette with some darks to make it all p-o-p!

Barra de Santiago by Julie Schumer 60x48" Acrylic on Panel
Barra de Santiago by Julie Schumer
60×48″ Acrylic on Panel

This one is a bit more colorful, and I love the bright colors that Julie has chosen, I like the airiness of this painting as well as the drips at the bottom, very nice work! You must take a look at Julie’s collection. The colors, ahhh, wonderful! All are different, very fun!

Check out the video on Julie’s website, it shows her painting… I love this!

Read a blip about Julie from her website:

Julie Schumer began painting at age 5 and continued through high school.  She was an abstract expressionist early on, being chastised by her elementary school teachers for her drippy non-realist work.

In college her practical nature asserted itself and she became a lawyer instead of an artist. In the following years she collected art, wishing all the while she had painted what she collected.

Finally, in 2000, she reconnected with an old friend, artist James Koskinas.  He sensed her long suppressed desire to create art and asked her why she wasn’t painting.  Schumer answered she didn’t know.  Koskinas brought her several pieces of wood, acrylic paint and a few brushes and said, “Paint.”  Schumer hasn’t stopped painting since.  She and Koskinas joined forces and moved to New Mexico from the Bay Area, California, in 2002.   They paint companionably together in their Santa Fe studio, a modern day Jackson Pollack and Lee Krasner.

Since reengaging with her art, Schumer has studied at the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California and with artists Robert Burridge, Mira White and Edward Gilliam.  Her paintings immediately resonated with viewers.  Her work has been exhibited across the United States and in Europe and is in many private collections.

 Catch you back here tomorrow!

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