Featured Artist: Carol Bass – Show in Charleston through March 2015!

Carol Bass ccpl show mar2015 cbfb

Carol Bass. Fabulous, bright, happy colors! Her work is so amazing. It’s unique, and that’s what I love! If you live in the Charleston area, you’re in luck! For the month of March 2015 Carol’s work will be displayed at the main Charleston County Public Library on Calhoun Street, in Charleston, SC. The show is called W A V E L E N G T H S.

Bonus… Carol is as incredible as the art she creates! From paintings to the  “Walking Houses” and “Totem” sculptures, all of her work is out-of-the-ordinary wonderful! Check out her website and see for yourself, or better yet… make it to the Main Library in Charleston in March!

Work by Carol Bass
Work by Carol Bass

The layers upon layers and the varying textures and colors make Carol’s work so interesting!

Carol Bass’s work is defined by bold strokes of vivid color. She improvises like a jazz player, a child playing on the beach. She dances with a long brush and thinks of the energy flowing, connecting us to one another and to the natural world. 

Her work ranges from her dimensional “Walking Houses” and “Totems” series in the 1980’s, constructed from found object, to her energy sculptures and present-day abstracts.

All images& bio via Carol Bass or Carol Bass Art Facebook, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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