Featured Artist: Anne Blair Brown – Opening Reception Tonight 7-10PM at Simie Maryles Gallery…

Anne Blair Brown - Just a Peek

 Just a Peek by Anne Blair Brown  14×18″  o/l

Anne Blair Brown. Most of you know who she is and are familiar with her work. Her ability to add light in a painting is undeniable. She takes what would be a nice painting and makes it out of this world. I love everything about this painting above. It’s a place I want to be… right now! Look at the underpainting in the sidewalk. I love that! Every time I attempt it I paint over it, sigh… the brushstrokes in the road are fabulous and the road with sunshine… WOW! Anne knows just what to leave in a painting and what to carefully edit out to make it less busy and keep it interesting.

Here is a little blip about the show from Anne:

One Man Show, “Seeing the Light”, at Simie Maryles Gallery, Provincetown, MA. 

Opening reception Friday, August 28, 7-10 pm.
I will be demonstrating my painting process starting at 7pm. Come by if you are in the area! 
“Seeing the Light” is a compilation of paintings inspired from my travels near and far. Regardless of where I am or what the subject matter, I am attracted to light and shadow more than any one subject or object. Seeing this way makes painting so enjoyable- everything under the sun looks exciting and interesting to paint!

Anne Blair Brown - Me and My Shadow

 Me and My Shadow by Anne Blair Brown  14×18″  o/l
Oh how I wish I could be there! I would love to see Anne demo, if you’re in the area, don’t miss it! One more of Anne’s paintings… Me and My Shadow (I love her titles). Again, that fabulous light. The little blips of color among the side. Man and his shadow, it doesn’t get any better than that!
By chance did you catch the radio interview with Anne on Artists Helping Artists Blog Radio? It’s fabulous! Check out their other interviews as well, they do a great job!
Also… I shared a recipe a while back from Anne, we have it almost once a week! It’s one of our favorites… Pasta with Kale, Pecorino and Toasted Walnuts!
Read a bit about Anne from her website:

Anne Blair Brown was born in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and currently resides in Nashville, TN. Her work centers on both rural and urban landscapes, people, and interior spaces. While she enjoys the quiet solitude of her studio, she delights in painting on location. Brown says, “Painting from life creates an intimacy with the subject that I just can’t get from a photograph, and it heightens my sense of spontaneity. That energy is translated to the canvas in and out of the studio.”

All images via AnneBlairBrown.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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