Charlie in his happy place!

Charlie in his happy place!


A little over a week ago all was right with the world. Fred, Charlie and I headed downtown, to see the Christmas decorations and visit a few stores. Charlie has a big time and so do we. It’s an adventure from start to finish.

Then… a jump off the bed tore his CCL (ACL in humans), so today, after much research and consultation, he is having surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts, prayers, good vibes or anything else you’ve got. He’s a sweet beast.

Do you have a suggestion for how to keep a Jack Russell calm for an extended period of time without being able to walk him? If so, let me know! For now, George Winston keeps him calm… unless a dog, cat, squirrel, bird, person, car, bike or anything else that moves goes by…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Charlie in his happy place!

  1. Dori Mastin

    Good morning Barbara and Fred. So sorry to hear about Charlie. Our Lucy had two ACL surgeries in her lifetime… Six months apart. It was very hard to keep her quiet. We actually kept her in a crate some of the time. Important thing is to make sure he has as much pain medication as he needs although I know it’s hard as they just won’t tell us! That will help sedate a bit. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you today😇, Dori Mastin

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    1. Thank you Dori! Ugh, two surgeries? I have read that when one goes the other can follow. No fun! We bought Charlie a larger crate, a cushy bed to go inside and moved everything to the sunroom where he can see outside. Now I think we will move the room to the back room so that he can see outside the top windows but won’t be inclined to run to the window for every squirrel, bird, person, car, bike, etc that passes by. Thank you so much for your comment!!!

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  2. Meg bush

    This is a sad thing! We have a labradoodle that did the same diving off the porch. Rather than surgery we gave injections of Adequan. We did this due to the prognosis given to us for surgery. It worked!! A equine vet suggested it. Good luck:)

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    1. Oh, that would have been wonderful! Charlie is high energy, a jumper and a fast runner. So this type of surgery should work well for him. I’m so glad that worked for your dog!! I’ll have to read up on that! Thanks so much…


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