Charleston, SC Voted #1 City in the World by Travel & Leisure Magazine!

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC – it’s quite a city, that’s for sure! Charleston, SC has been voted the World’s Best City. Wow.

Last year we were number 2 on the list, still impressive – and we’re the number one city in the US and Canada for the fifth year in a row!

So, if you ever are wondering where to take a vacation, this is the place! I think I would plan ahead, I think it’s going to get busier!

From the historic treasures this city has to offer, to the beautiful architecture and food that will blow you away – it’s no wonder!

This blip about Charleston, SC – from Travel + Leisure’s website:

Charleston moved up from the No. 2 city in the world last year to No. 1. The city has shown incredible resilience and, as one reader wrote, there is still “no place quite like it.” In addition to historic battlegrounds and jasmine-scented streets, Charleston is home to award-winning hotels (including the Spectator, No. 2 in the world this year) and restaurants. Antebellum charm, excellent boutiques, and the beautiful waterfronts at Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach make this city one of the most beloved in the U.S.—and now, the world.

That’s quite an honor –  Catch you back here tomorrow!


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