Be the good…

Mebkin Abbey, Moncks Corner, SC

It always helps to put things into perspective – as I see people rush around and stressed, I think this post may help a little… I hope…

Come sit your weary bones down, sit a spell… relax and calm your thoughts. There is so much going on this time of year, sometimes we need to get in check with things and slow down and realize that if everything doesn’t get done, it’s OK. Always remember that living a good life isn’t about what you have but how you treat others. So lend an ear, listen to a friend, don’t be too quick to judge.

Everyone is going through something (click here to see a great video!) – so if you encounter someone who seems out of sorts, sad, mad, or just not friendly, don’t just assume the worst – pass along a smile or a kind word (or both!!). Help make someone’s day – it’s a tough world and we need to help each other get through it.

Go out and be the GOOD that you want to see in the world!  🙏


I know everyone is busy this week, so much to do! Posting a week of photos, back to normal posting next week – Catch you back here tomorrow!

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