A typical day on Monhegan (Maine)…

Monhegan, Maine. There is nothing like taking a nice walk around the island, passing the many charming cottages and taking in a view that is out of this world. This is such a sweet cottage, one of our favorites – I love the blue door.

A perfect day on the island goes something like this… Wake up at the Island Inn, head down for coffee and chat with friends, then head to breakfast. After breakfast take a stroll around, snapping photos and then heading back to the inn. Then out for a longer stroll/hike and back in time for lunch – either in the dining room or at the Novelty or Barnacle. Time to sit a spell and stare out to sea letting your thoughts drift away.

It’s so nice to just be. Quiet. Still. No TV, no radio, no telephone (except for the occasional try with a mobile phone if necessary, usually to meet up with other friends on the island.)

Another walk/hike, get ready for dinner, head to dinner and ENJOY the best meal ever. Then sit and chat with friends, turn out the lights and head to bed.

Best time ever. ❤️

PS, I just found out that this cottage is for rent, so keep that in mind! What a treasure!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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