Baked Chicken to the rescue!

Baked Chicken. So easy. So delicious. So many sides to serve it with AND recipes for any that may be leftover (I always bake extra). One weekend night we usually have baked chicken, the sides vary – then I use the leftover chicken for chicken salad, soups, salads, Quick Green Chicken Chili that I’ve posted here before.

I use chicken breasts with bone and skin. Chicken skin used to be touted as unhealthy, but studies now show that it’s pretty good for you (in moderation!) – We buy chicken breasts (no hormones/no antibiotics) from Whole Foods. It’s our preference… They are large. We split one for dinner, save one for soup (and it’s plenty after you pull off the skin, pull off the bones and shred) or chicken salad, or another recipe…

To make baked chicken…

OVEN 350 degrees F. (Use convection setting if you have it – makes the skin like fried chicken, no lie!)

Pat the chicken dry and then spread a little olive oil on the chicken, S&P. 

Pop into the oven approximately 1 hour – insert meat thermometer – 180 degrees F and it’s done! Let it get nice and golden. 

That’s it. End of “recipe”… How can you beat it? When I store the leftover chicken breast we do take it off the bone, seems to come of easier when warm, but we leave the skin on to keep the meat moist.

In this photo we had the chicken with a baked sweet potato (wrapped in foil baked along with the chicken right on the rack, not next to the chicken) and a bunch of lacinato kale, sautéed very briefly, and then left to steam with lid on.

We also have chicken with roasted vegetables (this is what we usually have) – then we can reheat veggies for the week! There is nothing better than roasted veggies!

A few minutes of prep and you have a good bit of your meals for during the week!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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