Fabulous Chicken and Vegetable Sheet Pan Dinner!

Prep Veggies

It’s so exciting to find a new recipe that has good taste and is quick to clean up! The only time consuming part of this was the prep, but I like cutting up veggies, so it was all good!

Olive Oil, spices and on sheet pan – how easy is that??

The use of rainbow carrots… WOW, rainbow carrots are so beautiful, so if you can find them, give them a try. I couldn’t find all purple potatoes so had to settle on a mixed bag – wow, the color! The first time I made this I only used 1/2 pound of brussels sprouts, next time I will use them all. The original recipe called for asparagus, but since we recently had asparagus I opted for fresh green beans – Good call! Click HERE to print my version…

WOW! Delicious!
Fabulous Chicken and Vegetable Sheet Pan Dinner
4 servings
6 Carrots (rainbow carrots if you can find them, they’re beautiful!), sliced lengthwise
Fresh Green Beans (about 2-3 large handfuls), ends trimmed
1 Sweet Potato, peeled and cut into bite size pieces
5-6 Purple Potatoes (or red if you cannot find) – bit size pieces
1# Brussels Sprouts
Red Onion – cut in chunks
1 pound boneless/skinless Chicken Breasts
3-4 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Cumin (I only used a sprinkle)
Paprika (a good bit)
Pinch of dry Thyme (fresh would be nicer)
Salt & Pepper
-Oven at 400℉
-Wash and cut up veggies. Place them in a large bowl and add olive oil.
-Spread veggies onto sheet pan.
-Dry chicken breasts and place into same large bowl and add a little oil if you need it. Make sure they are coated.
-Add chicken to sheet pan (I used two sheet pans and baked on convection setting) – I waited to cut each chicken breast in half until it was done (test with thermometer)
-Sprinkle with spices (note original recipe used more spices)
-Pop into the oven 25-30 minutes or until chicken is done (mine was 30 minutes on convection – but it depends on how you cut your veggies, the smaller the faster they cook, same with chicken. I think it’s best to cut up chicken at the end so it stays juicy)

A little about where I found this recipe… I found it on a very cool blog called Lexi’s Clean Kitchen – Lexi’s website is visually appealing and full of amazing recipes. What types of recipes can you expect to find on her website? Gluten-free, mostly dairy free, paleo-friendly, refined sugar-free and soy-free (yay!) – BUT… more than all of that, her recipes are beautiful and if I go by this one recipe that I’ve made (so far) I would say she knocks it out of the park taste-wise! She also has a cookbook now available, hint-hint!

My version of this recipe (below) varies a little from the original (see link at bottom, click on “Original Recipe” link to be taken to Lexi’s Clean Kitchen and print the original recipe from her website!)

Next time I may serve this over a little bit of brown rice – I am not eating low carb, just smart carbs (brown rice vs. white) – and portion control. The original recipe serves 4. We ate the chicken and had veggies left over, which were so wonderful. Had for another meal over brown rice (Trader Joe’s freezer section – Organic Brown Rice) and a sprinkle of Feta – Next time if we want four servings with chicken and veg I would add two more chicken breasts – but a meatless meal is always good too!

Yum! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Original recipe via LexisCleanKitchen.com – be sure to check out Lexi’s Clean Kitchen website!

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