A Strong Presence

The large live oak trees in Charleston have such presence. They’re so strong. They have so much life with their branches reaching, twisting and turning. They are such beautiful trees. This is a close up of just how cool the shadows are on these trees. This is without the Spanish moss and Resurrection Fern. This is a younger tree. We planted it about 24 years ago, it was 10 years old at time of planting. We never guessed we would have seen it so large in our lifetime.

As beautiful as they are they’re a lot of work, ha ha. They drop leaves several times a year, also acorns and “squiggles” my official term for those wormy looking things that get dry and turn to dust or get wet and make a mess. Our Spring is full time sweeping and raking, but it’s worth every minute.

In the 20’s/30’s when this neighborhood was established they planted a live oak in front of every house. How cool is that? What foresight!


Photos for the rest of the week – many of you will be traveling for the Easter holiday – Stay Safe!  Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

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