[Don’t miss it!] Charleston, SC Restaurant: STELLA’S !


Just in case you may have missed this fine dining establishment, here’s a big head’s up if you’re in the Charleston, SC area – Pop into STELLA’S – if you like Greek food, you will fall in love with this restaurant. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the food is out of this world and the place is very cool inside! Portions are large, so keep that in mind! My husband always orders the gyro with thin sliced lamb. I order the chicken souvlaki pita – I’ve had the avgolemono soup as a side and i’ve had the lima bean & feta salad. Both were wonderful. Next time I think I’ll try the Greek potato salad. I’ve seen the fried potatoes and they look lovely. I’ve also had one (yes, only one, bless my soul) of Yia Yia’s Fried potatoes that come crispy but pillowy soft inside, like magic – topped with a light dusting of kefalotiri (cheese) & oregano.

Everything is divine! Also, Monday – Friday (if not super busy) you can order a Greek salad with your choice of protein (i.e. salmon, chicken, etc.) – they can’t do it on the weekend. It’s a busy place that fills up quickly. So make reservations or take a chance for a seat at the counter.

Check out Stella’s WEBSITE and MENUS!

You’re welcome! 😉 Hehe… Catch you back here tomorrow!


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