The Conference on the Front Porch – 2018!!

The Conference on the Front Porch 2017 Image

The Conference on the Front Porch 2018! I tried putting it into words better than those affiliated with this great event, but I can’t do better, so here is a great description.

There is an iconic event that will be held this October, called, The Conference on the Front Porch, in Taylor, MS. This event is will be hosted and featured by some of the greatest minds of our generation with conversations that happen across the nation. This Conference will celebrate the significance of the front porch, along with its history, and will serve as the embodiment of American culture. In addition to the character and cultivation, it is known to be one sensational party.

Who doesn’t love a front porch and all it has to offer? From sitting quietly with a good book and a glass of iced tea, to visiting with friends, or talking to neighbors as they walk by. A front porch is an extension of our homes, a place to see and be seen. The front porch is a historic part of our culture – most of us seem to be drawn to this magical space. I know I am! If you are passionate about all thing porch, then this is an event for you!

The Conference on the Front Porch will be held OCTOBER 25 & 26, 2018 at The Mill at Plein Air neighborhood in Taylor, Mississippi. There is a dynamic lineup of speakers and entertainers – you will not want to miss it!

Find more info on The Conference on the Front Porch:

Facebook and Website!

Registration fee includes all lectures, conferences, panels and discussions, as well as the Porch Concert and Porch Play (not to mention six meals!)
The lineup includes:
-Keynote speaker, John Barry – Author of “Rising Tide”
A d d i t i o n a l   S p e a k e r s . . .
-Erin & Ben Napier – HGTV’s “Home Town”
Beth Ann Fennelly – Mississippi Poet Laureate
Suzanne SternOur Town Plans Architectural and Planning Design Firm
-Artist Wyatt Waters
-CJ Lotz – Garden & Gun Magazine Research Editor
Entertainment by:

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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